Fox lane in Adamsdown is typical of back lanes found behind many Victorian properties in Cardiff: abusued and misused, these alleys often end up gated to prevent anti social behaviour and fly tipping. Local residents and artists Zoe Gingell and Josh Leeson, with the support of Adamsdown  environmental action group, have reclaimed this derelict space for community use and in the process have reintroduced a neighbourhood of people to each other.


The Fox lane mural project began with a team of local residents aged between 5- 70yrs led by Zoe and Josh with the support of Adamsdown Communities First & funding from Tidy Towns. They removed rubbish, swept the streets and painted the walls. One weekend a month the painting team took on a section of the lane - painting bold colours, and stencilling images of wildlife and nature, butterflies and flowers. The team painted the green, safe space they would like to have access to, as an alternative to a no-go alley filled with needles and fly -tipping.

By improving the lanes, the project has not only The project is one of several undertaken by Adamsdown Community group in the area, that have also included a green map of the local area and a temporary green space created by students from the Welsh School of Architecture.


  • Artists- Zoe Gingell, Josh Leeson
  • Adamsdown Environmental Action Group
  • Funders: Tidy Towns
AuthorMatthew Jones