New housing developments offer the potential for imaginative, sustainable and well designed neighbourhoods that can add to the sense of place and community in your town or city.

The Triangle, a back lot site in Swindon, is the first product of a joint venture between Kevin McCloud’s HAB development company and Oakus, a division of Greensquare RSL. Studio Engleback’s design for the landscape of the Triangle encourages residents to engage with their environment.  A central village green with swales and a wildlife garden is supplemented by kitchen vegetable gardens with poly tunnels watered using rainwater from roofs, allotments and planters for fruit trees.

Studio Engleback created a cookbook, “GROW 2 EAT – an edible landscape manual”, that was given to all residents to explain where edible planting can be found, how to grow their own food and simple recipes to encourage ‘one planet living’ .