Not all projects need a lot of funding to make a big difference. Sometimes small changes are just as effective, as the Mold Spring Clean shows. 

The award winning project came about in 2009 from a community’s desire to improve its physical environment.  The first year the Spring Clean attracted 300, but the second year this number doubled to 650 and 870 volunteered for last year’s event.  Much of this success was thanks to the introduction of strong branding and ‘Springy’, the Mold Spring Clean mascot, who has been highly effective in reaching younger people and the wider community.  The event is further promoted through a web presence, social media as well as in local papers.  In 2010 80% of the river was cleaned, benches and bollards were repaired and repainted and planters refreshed. 

The project is one of the largest community initiatives of its type in the UK. The extent of  national recognition the project attracted and the awards it won gave the town has helped to put Mold on the map and encouraged other projects to take place.